Merit List 1st Year Session 2020-2021

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Principal Message

Prof. Dr. Fozia Farzana
Head Department of Anatomy
On behalf of the faculty, staff members and students of the college, I extend a very warm welcome to parents and students considering admission in continental Medical College. Continental Medical College is proud to have trained eleven batches of responsible, capable and dynamic doctors to face the future challenges.
Continental Medical College ensures provision of secure premises free from unexpected disruption that hinders the time bound academic activities of the medical institutions. It has all the opportunities to enable the students to acquire the required knowledge and training in a safe purpose-built facility in the newly commissioned state-of-the-art Learning Resource Centre, lecture theaters, laboratories and conference rooms. The highly experienced faculty ensures delivery of curriculum and encourages active learning strategy to make our students lifelong learners. The college is striving hard to bring the academic standards up to the international standards.
We understand that the true measure of an educational institute is not just to gain academic excellence but also to nurture creativity, individuality and leadership in the students while striving for quality in teaching and learning. Students are encouraged to participate in co-curricular activities. These activities provide students a platform to become involved and interact with each other, thus leading to increased learning and enhanced development.
We aim to promote a safe and caring environment where students can develop love for and desire to learn. We have excellent members of faculty, an energetic administration team and talented staff who are experts at dealing with these young students and preparing them for a bright and promising future in the world of medicine.  


1-Km, Bhobattian Chowk، Defence Road, Lahore, Punjab

Email: info@cmclhr.edu.pk    Phone: 042-35966201-8, Fax: 042-35966209